CATCH Water Wings 2 Pack Assorted Colours

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 CATCH Water Wings 2 Pack Assorted Colours 

***Please watch the video above to see the Water Wings in action.***
Qty: 1 packet (2 pieces softbait, jigheads and lures not included)
Colours available:

  • Engine Oil
  • Orange Assassin
  • White Warrior
  • Shady Lady

Catch water wings™ you can add them to almost all lures….softbaits, kabura, slow-pitch jigs to name a few….to add some crazy fish attracting action that can be made to look like a swimming fish, or the tentacles of one of the cephalopods. 
Water wings are buoyant, so they will keep working to attract fish, even when your lure is doing nothing. You can even add water wings to a dead bait to make it look alive.
TARGET: Snapper, Kingfish, John dory, Kawahai, and most other species.
UV activated colours (lumo glow – White Warrior only)

These can be added to any lure, even to bait rigs.

Constructed from strong tough TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) meaning they have a lot of stretch and withstand bites without being bitten off like inferior softbaits

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