Crayfish Noose Marine Grade Stainless 1m

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Crayfish Noose Marine Grade Stainless 1m by Sea Harvester

Make catching crayfish a whole lot easier. The Noose gives you an extended reach of 1 metre and it enables you to get a firm grip on the cray. These nooses also help to prevent damaging the Cray.

It is made of high quality marine grade stainless steel. Reach up those hard to reach holes and pull out that prized crayfish by lassoing it with the use of this noose. Simply open it up and run the noose behind the tail and pull it closed quickly. By using a Crayfish Noose, you help prevent damaging the cray's body during capture; they can then be released in good condition if found undersized, in berry or soft shell.

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  • Strong design
  • Easy to use
  • Helps to lessen the risk of damaging the crayfish’s horn
  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • Length: 1m
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