Glowbite Jighead with Flashing LED Light Twin Pack

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Glowbite Jighead with Flashing LED Light Twin Pack 
These may now be black not grey as pictured.
3 Size Options: 
  • 1 Oz 
  • 3/4 Oz
  • 1/2 Oz
Softbaiting is a proven and very popular type of lure for fishing in New Zealand. Glowbite, has added a flashing LED light that turns on automatically in water and turns off when dry. Lights flash red/white/green and last for more than 50 hours in water. Each jighead is built with premium quality materials including super strong Owner brand hooks. 
Glowbite Flashing Jig Heads Features: 
  • Lights turn on automatically in water 
  • Lights flash red/white/green 
  • Lights turn off when dry 
  • Battery lasts more than 50 hours in water 
  • Owner brand hooks - rust resistant super strong and very sharp 
  • Patented NZ design 

Weight: 14g (1/2 oz) with 3/0 hook and 28g (1oz) with 5/0 hook 

2 pcs per pack
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