Glowbite Kabura Sliders

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Glowbite Kabura Slider 85g with flashing LED Light

Colour Options: 

  • Green/Gold

The Kabura Slider is a proven and very popular type of lure for fishing in New Zealand. Glowbite has improved this by adding a flashing LED that turn on automatically in water and turns off when dry. It flashes 3 different colours each second, tests show that fish love it. 

Each slider is built with premium quality materials including high strength dyneema traces, tough rubber skirts and super strong Owner brand hooks. 


  • Lights turn on automatically in water 
  • Flashes red/white/green 
  • Lights turn off when dry 
  • Battery lasts more than 50 hours in water 
  • Soft plastic internal slider tube to protect line and knot 
  • Stainless steel top ring
  • High strength supple dyneema traces 
  • Tough rubber skirts 
  • Owner brand hooks - Rust resistant super strong and very sharp 
  • Patented NZ design
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