Kilwell Boat Combo Jellytip 661, OX10 Product Code: KJT1015BT-OX10 Spooled with Nylon

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Kilwell Boat Combo Jellytip 661, OX10
Code: KJT1015BT-OX10
Spooled with 20lb Nylon
The famous and distinctive pink fibre glass tip provides sensitivity for casting and bite detection
then folds away during the fight to leave the Graphite Powerbutt in control.
By blending the two materials with a special process known as Balanced Molecular Construction
we have given anglers the advantages of power, control and sensitivity.
Jellytip rods have given thousands of Kiwi anglers a new fishing experience and also been used
to set a number of NZ fishing records.
Rod features;
Quality overhead guides

1.99m (6'6") blank is rated for 10-15kg mono or PE braid

Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Tica Oxean series light game reel features a one-piece, corrosion resistant lightweight
graphite frame. The dual carbon drag plates sit either side of the spool to ensure smoothness
and dissipate heat.
There is an extra loud line out alarm, so you can easily hear the fish strike.
Fitted with 6 x sealed precision stainless steel RRB rust resistant ball bearings for smoothness and reliability.
Reel Specs;
Tica Oxean OX10
Weight; 580g

Gear Ratio 5.4:1,

Line retrieve rate; 90cm,

Max drag 10kg

Capacity mono 510yd/20lb, PE braid 530m #4

All Tica Oxean reels come with a 10 year warranty.
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