Popper GT Victory Green by Prohunter

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This is the heaviest of the Pro Hunter poppers. It has a big cupped face and stubby body that is perfect for the biggest fish.
Size: 185mm
Weight: 130grms
Colour: Green
Qty: 1
Couple it to a suitable rod, and you have the ideal combination for targeting Kingfish and GT’s (Giant Trevally).
1) These superior long cast lures with fish attracting "popping, splashing and skittering" action will draw reaction strikes from predators.
2) Colourful finishes with 3D laser eyes imitate prey species.
3) Extra sharp treble hooks with heavy duty stainless steel split ring.
4) Superior PU foam body construction that guarantees more dynamic fishing.
5) Its body is sturdily through-wire construction.
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