Predator 44 Super Steer Electric Winch Package

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Predator 44 Super Steer Electric Winch Package with 24 MONTHS INTEREST FREE and FREE SHIPPING

The Predator's NZ Designed and Made intelligent shark design allows it to cut through the waves rather than bounce over the top and swing off course. The tail fin is designed to sit low in the water and dive under the breaking surf to maintain perfect direction. It cuts through the water with less resistance (for both launching and retrieving). 

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Code: 44PRW 
  • 44lb thrust motor 
  • Predator Winch: with 2,000m line (complete)  
  • Predator Traceboard: with 28 traces 
  • 2 weights 
  • Accessory Case 
  • 5x batteries 12V 9.0Ah (3 Batteries for the Kontiki, 2 Batteries for the Winch)
  • 1× D battery 
  • 1× battery charger  
  • Easy to use on your own or with friends or family weighing only 12kg without batteries 20kg with batteries
  • Perfect power to weight ratio; very fast through the water 
  • Fully waterproof resin-encased reliable electronic timer. Use a magnet to adjust settings or the top mounted switch. 
  • Very simple to operate timer: set between 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 minute timer, or set to ‘infinity’ to go until the battery level cut out 
  • Free sturdy accessory carry-all case. Holds tools & batteries etc 
  • Batteries are mounted well forward to keep the motor in the water under full power in rough seas 
  • Off-set tow point to counter the torque of the motor 
  • Range: 2.3km offshore 
  • Thrust: 44lbs 
  • Weight: 12kg (without batteries) 
  • Dimensions: L1310 x H500 x W415mm 
Winch Details:
Compact size: just 45L × 43W × 36H cm 
  • Unique adjustable drag knob alters the speed of the drum. Turn the drag knob if you need more or less drag: this will stop line over-runs when launching your Kontiki. Also can be used for slowing line speed when putting traces on the line
  • Variable speed used when fish hit the beach. Slowing down the line but keeping pressure on the fish means they will not get off 
  • Low maintenance - requires no lubrication 
  • Auto cut-out fuse. If over loaded the winch stops. Press power switch to restart. - no screwdriver required 
  • Totally variable speed winch 0-100rpm 
  • Sealed electrical unit including controls 
  • Marine grade stainless steel 
  • Sand anchor bar to stop winch from moving when hauling 
  • Safety handle (for manual winding) if you leave batteries at home 
  • Tray on top can be used for cutting bait, storage 
  • Complete with 150m leader line to guide the Predator through the breaking surf, 150m stopper line with 75 stoppers for clipping weights and traces, 1,700m main line all at 290-300lb. Total line length 2,000m approx. 
  • 150W 12V motor pulls up to 60kg 
Warranty: 24 month Predator Kontiki & Winch warranty & 12 month battery warranty 
Includes Q Card application fee of $55.00, terms & conditions apply
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