Predator Longline Traces Incl. Rack

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28 x Predator Longline Traces, 645mm approx O/A
Plus 1 x Predator Aluminium Rack
  1. Standard nylon traces with no tubing & incl rack $185.00
  2. Tubed traces & incl rack $195.00
  3. Tubed traces with 3 green lumo beads & incl rack $200.00
  4. Tubed traces with 3 lumo beads, pink, white, green & incl rack $200.00
  5. Tubed traces with yellow, green, yellow floating beads & incl rack $205.00
  6. Tubed traces with red, yellow, green floating beads & incl rack $205.00

Hooks: Mustad Norwegian Steel 18R Longline Hooks.

Mustad Since 1877 "The Worlds Sharpest, Strongest & Perfectly Consistent Longline Hook"
Nylon: Pro Focka 65lb
Tubing: 1.5mm ID Clear Soft Tubing
Clips: Sea Harvester Type by Default (see pic) or add $8.00 for JVI Clips or add $8.00 for Triangle Clips or add $45.00 for 60mm swiveled shark clips
This listing comes with the Aluminium Predator Rack as pictured

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