Rippton Mobula Drone Backpack

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Rippton Mobula Drone Backpack
Code: MOB1C
The Mobula Drone Backpack is a special backpack designed for the Moula Fishing Drone only. This backpack allows you to carry, transport and store your Mobula Drone safely.
This backpack has a specially designed cradle for holding the drone and seperate pouch for the controller, all making Mobula easy to use and portable. A waterproof cover pulls out from the bottom
of the backpack to keep Mobula protected. The Back Pack also has a convienent front pocket to store the charger, spare props etc.
A special backpack designed for Mobula fishing drone only
Size: 72 x 47 x22 cm
Weight: 2.9kg
Outer fabric: Acrylic
Inner fabric: 210DPU
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