Rippton Mobula Drone Battery

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Rippton Mobula Drone Battery
Code: MOB1B
Smart Battery for a Smart Drone
Mobula's Smart Battery is designed to be powerful. It enables your flying time up to 15 minutes and clearly tells the battery level by the top indicators or drone-connected mobile device.
There is a waterproof easy to set up case for the battery to be plugged in and out without separating the drone or distinguishing the anode and cathode.
10000mah battery
Up to 15mins flight time
Charges in 3 hours
Smart battery prevents overloads and shorts
Waterproof easy to set up case
Easy to plug in and out
Capacity: 10000mAh * 1
Voltage: 22.2v
Battery Type: 6S2P
Weight: 1750g
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