10 x Lumo Shrimps

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Ten (10) 80mm Baby Shrimps - Soft & Luminous

10x Blanks/dummy's (not hooked)

Super high lumo output

Natural bait fish

Build a better mousetrap - That's exactly what Mark Nichols did In 1989 In his garage In Palm City, Florida

He grew up on the Gulf Coast & spent years running a shrimp boat & all his spare time fishing

His experience helped him create a dead ringer for the prime shallow-water forager

His original three-inch shrimp became so popular that in 1993 he started D.O.A. lures to manufacture and market them

In a few years they were being sold all over and catching fish wherever shrimp were found. today anglers gobble them up even more

Add a slither of real bait for flavour & double your catch
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