Bixpy Kit for Non-Ruddered Kayaks by Viking

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Bixpy Kit for Non-Ruddered Kayaks by Viking
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Using a Railblaza Motor Mount and the Bixpy transom mount allows you to fit a Bixpy motor to almost any kayak, these photos are of the Viking 2+1 double kayak fitted with this Bixpy/Railblaza combo. (The kayak is not included).
Installation is straight forward, simply attach two Railblaza Starports (supplied), a stainless Steel saddle for the stabilizing latch and four attachment hooks for the battery and you are ready to go!
What you get:
One Bixpy motor, battery, charger and remote control
One Bixpy transom mount
One Railblaza motor mount with two round Starports with base plates and four M6 bolts or 14g screws
For the stabilizing latch - One stainless steel saddle and two 10g screws
For mounting the battery - Four lashing hooks, 8 x 8g screws and Shock cord fitted to the Bixpy battery
This incredible micro jet motor can power you along at up to 10kph, although the best way to use it is as a paddle assist (kind of like an E-Bike, you still paddle, but it's much easier) using it this way you can extend your range from 10km to 25km+!
*Lightweight, just 4kgs incl battery
*30lbs of Thrust, Up to 12 hrs run time! 
The unique feature that separates this motor from all others is the micro propeller, at just 60mm wide it creates almost NO DRAG when you want to paddle your kayak without the motor running.
Bixpy Jet Specifications: 
- Max run time: Low Speed >12 hours,
- Max run time: Full speed approx 75 min.
- Max speed: Up to 10kph (depending on type of craft)
- Range: Up to 25km if used as paddle assist on lower power setting. Around 10km if not also paddling.
- Motor weight: 1.2kg
- Battery weight: 3.2kg

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