Bixpy Transom Mount for Boats

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Bixpy Transom Mount for Boats by Viking
With the Bixpy Universal Transom Adapter, you can attach your Bixpy Jet motor to virtually any small watercraft, dinghy or tender. The Bixpy is the perfect alternative to having a heavy, smelly
and hard to start small petrol motor. It only weighs around 2kg with the motor attached, so anyone can lift it and easily attach it to your boat.
Ideal for tenders used on launches - no petrol fumes or lifting heavy and awkward motors from below deck. The Bixpy is compact so it can fit inside lockers and because there are no petrol fumes
it can be stowed anywhere with easy access.
The shaft holding the motor also features a “kick-up” mechanism that will allow the motor to release and swing if it hits bottom. The aluminium pipe will adjust to accommodate virtually any depth
to suit your boat. 
Speed is around 4-8kph depending on the size and load on the boat. Range is around 5-8km with normal use, perfect for getting from boat to boat or boat to shore and back. It's small and light
enough to take with you once onshore, the complete package including the battery only weighs approx 5kg.
- Bixpy Universal Transom Adapter
- All hardware required to attach to dinghies, kayaks, personal pontoons and a variety of other watercraft
- Wire to run to your Bixpy Battery Box
- Tiller Steering Handle (2 sizes - 12" and 24" included)
- One Rubber grip for tiller handle 
- Fits virtually any transom plate
- Adjustable depth
- Quick release disassembly
- Adjustable trim
- Super sturdy construction
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