Black Magic Gurnard Grabber ‘Recurve-Circle’ Hook 4-0

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Gurnard Grabber ‘Recurve/Circle’ Hook 4/0
Snapper Snatcher Recurve/Circle hook rigs are built around our famous high carbon steel, chemically sharpened KL recurve hooks – fish usually hook themselves in the corner of the mouth, allowing
for easy hook removal.
A special super rust-resistant coating is used on these hooks to ensure a long life
Rigged using Black Magic 80lb Tough Trace and a 15kg barrel swivel
Soft lumo beads make the rigs even more enticing in deep water or at night
For extra appeal add a small triangle of bait – avoid blocking the gape
With bait attached you have everything working for you, a bait and a lure in one – fish will often hit on the “drop” or “retrieve”
Ideal for fishing from the beach, rocks, wharf or boat
Avoid striking when you feel a bite, just gently lift your rod tip as the fish takes
Black Magic flasher rigs are assembled and packaged in New Zealand, incorporating the best components, ensuring a quality product so you get the best results
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