Black Magic Snapper Snack 3 Pack Gift Idea

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Black Magic Snapper Snack Three Pack Gift Idea
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Trigger the predatory instinct of your target species when you bait up and drop down a Snapper Snack®. The natural swimming action of the skirt, coupled with the scent of your bait make for an
irresistible combination!
Twin lure rig incorporating high UV luminous skirts
Rigged with premium PTFE coated Black Magic KLT® hooks (made in Japan)
Best fished with a thin strip of bait to help maintain the natural swimming action of the skirt
6 enticing colour options
Available in size 5/0 
Snapper Snacks are a New Zealand Registered Design (# 425171)
3 Packs Available:
Option 1
1 x Pinky
1 x Bleeding Pilly
1 x Super Lumo
Option 2
1 x Tiger
1 x Chartreuse
1 x Smashed Banana
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