Boss Squid Lure by Catch

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Boss Squid Lure by Catch
The Best of Japanese Technology combined features from Inchiku and Slow Pitched Lures to produce the Beta-Bug, then made even better by mixing it up with The Boss!
This cutting edge jig can be fished using a variety of techniques, such as slow pitch, long fall or slow mechanical. It slides and vibrates through the water column to trigger an attack from almost all fish species.
Qty: 1 Lure
Sizes Available:

  • 60g 
  • 80g
  • 100g 


 Colours available:  

  • Dark Shadow
  • Dusty Shadow
  • Lethal Lumo
  • Purple Cuttlefish Crackle (NEW COLOUR)



  • Detailed paintwork – ALL fish eat squid.
  • Unique curved shape to create a natural fluid motion
  • Vibrant colours
  • Extra strong hooks
  • Action on the drop and retrieve
  • Lethal on local fish species such as snapper, kingfish, John Dory, kahawai & many more
  • Simple to use!


 How to use:

  • Tie the leader to the attachment point at the head of the jig
  • Drop to the sea floor
  • Use a variety of techniques to trigger an attack


The Catch Boss Squid has been extensively tested and used by fishing professionals and charter boats with great success!

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