Bullet Fishing Kontiki with Sonar Autopilot Fish Detection Complete Package

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Bullet Fishing Kontiki with Sonar Autopilot Fish Detection Complete Package


Now with Super Smart magnetic operated timer -TimerX with GPS Function

The TimerX has several special features that make it simply old fashioned awesome. Its not only the easiest to use but its also the smartest!

To set all features you just need the magnet

* Set the kontiki run time from 10 to 30 minutes in 5 minute increments

* Set the surf-zone which is the delay before the sonar is turned on

* Operate the kontiki with our patented sonar fish detection either on or off

* Start the kontiki using our patented auto-start feature when launching to safely start the kontiki motor


The auto-pilot takes only 2 seconds to set its course and this happens automatically the same time you are setting the kontiki run time


  • Kontiki
  • 5 x Batteries ( 2 x Lithium, 3 x SLA with chargers)
  • Electric Winch with 2000m Stoppered monofilament
  • 2 x 24oz Sinkers
  • Trace Rack with 26 x tubed traces
  • Night activated strobe light

Setting your kontiki prior to launch:

Place kontiki in the desired direction of travel then place the magnet over “SELECT SET” panel on Kontiki TimerX decal the green 10 minute LED will illuminate and a second later the red 
SONAR” LED will illuminate

Keep  the magnet on the “SELECT SET” panel and the green LED will advance from 10-15-20-25-30 minutes, take the magnet away once the desired run time LED is illuminated

The auto-start is now armed, the sonar is set, the auto-pilot course plotted and the Kontiki is ready to launch


Now its armed a brush of the hand or clothing over the AUTO-START panel on the TimerX decal could start the motor so be careful and keep clear of the propeller

Place the kontiki in the water and the auto-start will start the Kontiki motor and it will run until either the run time has elapsed or a school of fish has been detected

Note: The Kontiki motor can be stopped by placing a magnet over the “START STOP” panel on the TimerX decal


The Surf-Zone setting is the delay from the launch point to when you want the TimerX to turn the sonar on

Note:  Min surf-zone delay set to 4 mins


TimerX will calculate the distance from when the fish school is detected and the kontiki will continue for another 180m before the motor stops, the baits exactly presented where the fish were detected.

Fish Alert. If the red sonar LED is flashing that is confirmation that the sonar has stopped the kontiki on fish

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