CATCH Serious Skirt Assist Rig 3" Lumo Glow Green

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CATCH Serious Skirt Assist Rig 3" Lumo Glow Green
Size: 3" (7.5cm)
Colour: Lumo Glow Green
Quantity: 1 pack (2 per pack)
Code: 162454
Catch Flasy Octopus Skirts are designed to be used with Inchiku and most slow Jigs. They are also ideal to be used with Freestyle Kabura during times of aggressive feeding.They are rigged with
tough 160lb (72kg) Dyneema and super strong 1/0 stainless steel hooks.
The Catch Serious Skirt Assist Rig allows you to mix and match skirts with different lures depending on the situation. Works great if you're chasing fish near structure or if you need to switch
targets in case a bigger fish shows up.
Whether you're fishing in calm or rough water, day or night, shallow or deep waters - all you need to do is pair a up the Serious Skirt with your favourite Catch lures and fish all day long!
Serious Skirt Features:
Heavy-duty skirt upgrade

Mix and match skirts with different Catch lures

Super strong twin stainless hooks

160lb Dyneema assist cord

Lumo and UV sensitive Octopus skirts - works great in deep waters/low light conditions
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