CATCH Snapper Value Pack

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CATCH Snapper Value Pack
This quality fishing pack includes a range of proven Catch lures suitable wide range of snapper fishing techniques, Catch's waterproof tackle box and a Catch microfibre towel.
Code: 167258
Qty: 1 Pack
Catch Snapper Value Pack includes:
  • Catch Waterproof 360 x 230 x 50mm Tackle Box
  • 1 x Beta Bugs
  • 1 x Catch Microfibre Fishing Towel
  • 1 x Squidwings
  • 1 x L'll Squidwings
  • 1 x Livies Softbait
  • 1 x Stingaz Jighead
  • 1 x The Boss
  • 1 x Double Trouble
  • 1 x Catch Boss Squid
  • 1 x Freestyle Kabura

***Please note colours and weights of the lures may not be the same as what is shown in the picture, colours will vary in each pack***
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