CATCH The Scythe Stick Bait 120gm Floating

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CATCH "The Scythe" Unbreakable Stick Bait 120gm Floating
Weight: 120gm
Length: 200mm
Qty: 1
Colours available: 
  • Ballistic Blue
  • Green Reaper
The Scythe bait from Catch is manufactured from an unbreakable resin, so you can cast near rocks or other structure or use when targeting fish with sharp teeth without the worry of damaging the
The lure will dart, weave and pop on the retrieve to create the illusion of a panicked baitfish. It is suitable for targeting kingfish, GTs, tuna and even billfish.
Rigged with 4/0 barbless treble hooks to prevent damage to the fish and increase safety to angler.
Available in floating 120grams and sinking 140grams and in 2 vibrant holographic finishes of Ballistic Blue and Green Reaper.
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