Coin Drop Slider by Ocean Angler

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Coin Drop Slider by Ocean Angler 60, 80 or 100g
Colours and Sizes available: (Please select in Drop down box) 
  • Bruised Banana (60, 80 or 100g)
  • Black Orange  (60, 80 or 100g)
  • Pure Orange  (60, 80 or 100g)
  • Red Orange (60, 80 or 100g)
  • Orange Glow White (60, 80 or 100g)
Ocean Angler takes sliding-head lure fishing to the next level with its latest addition, Coin Drops, a range of lures that’s even out-fishing our famously lethal Sliders! Much of this success is due to a radical lead-head shape based on the latest Japanese lure designs, but our version sports concave sides to create the best possible head-action whilst also generating turbulence to make a more enticing lure-skirt motion.
Best fished on the drift, Coin Drops are dropped to the bottom then slowly wound upwards a few metres, before being dropped back down again; a super-slow mechanical jigging retrieve also works well. Bites are generally felt as small taps; a quick wind of the reel handle or a steady uplift of the rod generally works better than a hard strike in response. Some anglers position their Coin Drops to trundle along the seafloor, then place the outfit in a suitably angled rod holder so it hooks fish while they’re doing other things!
  • Coin-shaped head
  • Concave on the sides create turbulence behind which makes the skirt move around and stabilises the lure
  • Rubber skirt
  • Ultra sharp assist hooks
  • Solid and lumo colours
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