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Great little recreational dinghy for the family as well as ideal for use as a tender on a yacht or boat!

Suitable for lakes, rivers and calm open water this Dinghy is ready to hit the water when you are.

The versatility of this Dinghy makes it great for the family to use in a wide range of locations. The clinker style displacement hull on this Dinghy gives it a large amount of buoyancy and with two tie off points at the bow this Dinghy is an ideal tender for a yacht or boat.

The dinghy is designed for carrying 2-3 people and comes as part of a package with two 2.1m oars and oar locks as well as a pacific mahogany plywood centre seat board.

If if rowing isn't your thing the steel transom makes fitting a 2 - 2.5hp motor on the back easy and as its NZ made you can rely on the quality and the fact you will have it for years to come.

Length 255cm
Width 136cm
Depth 60cm
Weight 45kg

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