Drone Fishing Kit 2, Floating, NZ MADE

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NZ's Premier Trace Maker
Drone Fishing Kit 2 Floating
1 x Back-Bone, 8 metres 130lb backbone, 60g in weight
Crimped 1mtr apart for up to 6x drone traces
Loop at one end to attach to drone, snap swivel at the other to attach to rod & reel end
Sinker clip attachment point via a branch swivel 1mtr from loop/drone end 
6x Non-tangle, 325mm tubed traces with 3 x 15mm floating beads, see pic # 4 (6 of these)
6x Non-tangle, 325mm tubed traces with 2 green lumo beads, see pic # 5 (6 of these)
1 x Drone weight (3oz break-away sinker) Note: Picture shows two.


Hey guys.        Just thought I'd drop you an email to say that here's proof your drone traces are up to the task, here's a pic of a 30lb snapper I caught using your traces and hooks etc.  Safe to say I will be buying more when needed.        Cheers, Nathan Ryder

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