Floating Dive Flag-Pole Marker by Nacsan

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Floating Dive Flag/Pole Marker by Nacsan
Code: 120B
The Nacsan Floating Dive Flag measures 60cm x 60cm to meet NZ safety standards. The pole comes with a foam float so it stays upright plus a 30-metre nylon cord with clip is also included for easy
retrieval. Make sure you display this dive flag to enjoy a worry-free dive.
Note: Divers should stay within 200 metres of the vessel showing the flag. Passing vessels must watch out for the blue and white diver’s flag and observe the 5 knot speed limit around these
Nacsan Floating Dive Flag Features:
Easy to setup
Foam float
30 metres nylon cord and clip
Prevents accidents
Informs other mariners that divers are in the water
Meets NZ safety standards
Flag colour: Blue/White
Size: 60cm x 60cm
Meets NZ safety standards
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