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Broadbill Swordfish Rig Pack 12/0 J Hooks with Lights by Sea Harvester (3 Rigs)
Code: BBRJ
Qty: 3x Rigs, 1x Bag
The Sea Harvester Broadbill Swordfish Rig pack features 12/0 J Hooks. Disco diamond LED strobe lights rated to a depth of 1000m with a battery life of 300 to 350 hours, (battery non-replaceable).
Each rig is supplied with a different coloured skirt, the pack has 3 rigs. Just slide a skippy belly up inside the skirt for the perfect sword bait and you're ready to go.
- 1x 12/0 J hook on each rig
- Different coloured skirts on each rig (approx. 30cm long)
- 1x Disco Hapuka Diamond LED Strobe Light on each rig 
- 400lb mono
- Packed in a washable mesh bag
***Colours of the skirts may differ from what is shown in the picture.
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