Glowbite Grumpy Fish Sliders

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Glowbite Grumpy Fish Slider 60g or 80g or 100g with flashing LED Light and Fish Scent Dispenser
2 Colour Options: 
  • Orange 
  • Black Mamba 
The Glowbite Grumpy Fish is the newest addition to Glowbite’s array of deadly lures. This lethal slider-style lure is equipped with technically advanced features not found anywhere else. It sports an integrated flashing light and a fish scent dispenser which releases a secret sauce that’ll make fish go on a feeding frenzy. The lure also features uniquely placed hooks that drift in the skirt and twin tails which add to its appeal. Available in different designs, the Glowbite Grumpy Fish will lure in fish of all sorts and sizes.
  • Slider-style lure
  • Stressed fish flash - integrated flashing light
  • Fish scent dispenser releases secret sauce over 30 min
  • Twin tails - one for fast drift, one for slow
  • Owner hooks drift in the skirt, not below
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