Kilwell Boat Combo XP 702FS, SWA10R Product Code: XP2132FS-SWA10R

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Kilwell Boat Combo XP 702FS, SWA10R
Code: XP2132FS-SWA10R
Kilwell XP 7' 2 piece boat rod with Tica Toptec SWA10R overhead reel.
Tica Toptec SWA10R reels have an oversize multi-disc carbon drag system that generates a huge 10kg of drag pressure - enough to turn the head of even the strongest snapper!
Built with a lightweight graphite frame and a magnetic cast control, this reel is designed for casting and jigging lures or bait. The TiCA Toptec reel includes features such as rust resistant RRB
bearings, one way clutch bearing, stainless pinion and main shaft, forged aluminium spool and an oversize "Comfort Handle". The gear ratio is 6.2:1, giving a line retrieve rate of 1 meter of line
for every turn of the comfort handle. Capacity is 360yds of 20lb nylon.
* Max Drag 10kg
* Carbon drag
* Graphite Frame
* Ball Bearings 3RRB + 1 Roller Bearing
* Gear Ratio 6.2:1
* Max Line Retreive per handle turn 97.3cm
* Capacity is 360yds/20lb
Kilwell rod has a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Tica reel has 10 year warranty.
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