Kilwell Fishlip Vice Grip 9"

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Kilwell Fishlip Vice Grip 9"
Code: KFVG9
The Kilwell Fishlip Vice Grip is a new fish landing device developed by an expert angler
and used by
fisherman to successfully land a fish with less chance of injury either to the fisherman
or to the fish.
The sturdy non-rotating design allows the angler to maintain better control of the catch
prior to its release
Made of ABS plastic and stainless steel you can be assured this product will last many
fishing trips.
The unique jaw design of the Kilwell Fishlip Vice Grip can hold a fish up to 24kg. The
product comes with a sturdy lanyard so the fisherman can keep the grip closed
while fishing. If you happen to lose the
grip overboard don't worry, the grip will float.
The Kilwell Fishlip Vice Grip also comes with a weigh scale notch at the base of the
Approximate overall length 9"/ 23cm.
Like all Kilwell products this has a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.
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