Kilwell NZ L-F Braid 24kg SU Game Rod Product Code: LF24SUBRAID

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Kilwell NZ L/F Braid 24kg SU Game Rod
Product Code: LF24SUBRAID
Kilwell NZ Livefibre2 24kg "Special Edition" Standup Game Rod for braid.
LIVEfibre! The unique blend of the finest aerospace grade carbon fibre and woven fibreglass is bonded
with a specially modified resin and combined in a three layer Crowsfoot construction. Twill Weave
bi-directional fibres impart additional strength and toughness and result in blanks that are light, powerful,
and with huge lifting power, but tips so sensitive that even the slightest contact with the fish is instantly
transmitted to the anglers hand.
* Livefibre 24kg Stand-up blank.
* Tri-foot game guides with hard ceramic centres
* Underbound and overbound guides
* Heavy duty graphite/aluminium cushioned hood reel seat
* Cigar shaped 300mm EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foregrip
* 1.7m in length
Like all Kilwell branded products these rods have a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.
Proudly made in New Zealand by Kilwell Rodcraft.
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