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The Kilwell Xantu 6' (1.83m) 1 piece Pitchbait Rod features a low diameter, lightweight blank, designed and manufactured in New Zealand. The blank is built from the latest Electrospun Nano fibre
plus nano particle resins giving the rod a dramatic increase in flexural lifting power without increasing weight to the rod.
This rod is hand assembled in Rotorua using;
*Fuji ERWSG Silicone Carbide guides and Tip
*Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA foregrips
*Underbound and overbound guides with Gunsmoke thread accents
This rod has a great action and is rated for 24kg mono, or braid rated to PE6.
Designed to be used with overhead free spool reels.
All Kilwell products, including Xantu rods, have a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty against faulty materials and workmanship, so we guarantee this gear wont let you down.
Proudly made in New Zealand by KILWELL RODCRAFT.
In a world first, Kilwell have combined nano particle resin with Xantu.Layer electrospun nanofibre in a fishing rod blank. Nanofibres are defined as fibres with diameters less than 1000
nanometers . Xantu.Layer is a polymer hybrid of continuous nanofibres forming a non-woven web.
This layer bonds with nano resin and carbon fibre to create a rod blank featuring a dramatic increase in flexural lifting power, without increasing weight.
XANTU.LAYER Blank Properties
* Increased flexural strength
* No decrease in flexural stiffness
* Increased interlaminar strength
* Enhances resin toughness
* Impact energy delocalisation (impact resistance)
* Zero increase in laminate weight or thickness
* Continuous polymer-metal electrospun nanofibre layer
* Ultra-fine 100 nanometre fibre diameter
* Ultra-long 200 metre fibre length
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