Kilwell Outrigger Base Complete ORB1 I-D 39mm (Ea)

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Kilwell Outrigger Base Complete ORB1 I/D 39mm (Ea)
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Complete Kilwell ORB1 stainless steel outrigger base assembly. A compact light weight base constructed from marine grade stainless steel. The base will swivel through 360 degrees plus it has three positions on the pole; vertical, 45 degrees, or flat, which enables a multitude of mounting options to get the perfect trolling height and angle for your poles. The small mounting plate needs to be permanently bolted to the gunwale or cabin top of your boat, but the outrigger pole is still removable. The tube has an internal diameter of 39.5mm and is designed to be used with 38mm external diameter Kilwell Outrigger blanks.
This base fitting can also be used as a heavy duty adjustable rod holder for top mounting on your gunwale. 
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