Kilwell Outrigger Base Wishbone I-D 42mm (pr)

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Kilwell Outrigger Base Wishbone I/D 42mm (pr)
Qty: 1 Pair
Kilwell Wishbone Outrigger bases are easy to operate, tough and dependable, with trouble-free performance when laying out for fishing, or down for bridge clearance. The large screw-clamp secures
your outriggers firmly at any angle, but there is also a preset stop collar for your favourite fishing position.
A separate clamp on the wishbone arm secures the Outriggers in the up position when travelling.
Kilwell Powerpole PP42 outriggers are designed to drop straight into these bases, and are removable for storage.
Internal Diameter - approx 41.5mm
Footprint required approx 30cm width x 20-36cm height.(12"W x 8" to 14"H)
As these bases are fully adjustable the maximum deployment angle will vary depending on how far apart the base feet are mounted to the hardtop.
The maximum deployed position for this outrigger base will be at an approximate angle of 45 to 70 degrees from vertical.
Kilwell Wishbone Outrigger bases are sold as a pair. 
To successfully install these Kilwell bases onto your boat you will require:
* 24 x 6mm or ¼" Stainless Steel 316 Countersunk bolts with washers and Nyloc lock nuts
* 2 x Backing plates (recommended depending on hull thickness)
* Electric drill with 6.5mm drill bit
* RTV silicone liquid gasket if attaching to aluminium hull (optional)
* Loctite
Before drilling the holes in the hull check all under deck clearances and access. Read and understand installation instructions contained within the sheet. Measure twice and drill once! Kilwell
will not be responsible for any errors you make with the installation.
Kilwell Limited Lifetime Warranty.
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