Kilwell Outrigger Collar Set (7pc)

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Kilwell Outrigger Collar Set (7pc)
Kilwell Outrigger Collars are designed to slip over existing outrigger poles to use as guides to run your rigging line through to help minimise twisting and tangles around the outrigger pole.
The collars are only sold as a set of individual nylon collars with S/S eyebolts, they are not sold individually.
Each set includes are range of 7 x different diameters of collar, these wont all neccessarily fit your outriggers but you will find at least one or two correct collars that will fit your
The collars are flexible but should be slid down from the top of your tapered outrigger pole.
Minimum collar diameters are; 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 39mm, 43mm, 45mm.
You will need 1 x set of clamps per outrigger pole.
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