Kilwell SlowJig Combo XP 631, GCB300H Product Code: XP1901SPJ-GCB300H

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Kilwell SlowJig Combo XP 631, GCB300H
Code: XP1901SPJ-GCB300H
Rod features;
The Kilwell XP Slow Pitch Jig Rod is fitted with a "Cut Away" Trigger grip, this not only looks good but allows you to feel all the action through the rod blank. The butt of the rod features a
movable "Butt Ball", designed to support and protect your rod when rested in a rod holder.
Flexible and ultra high modulus graphite construction blank

Fast taper designed for quicker hook setting

Special light and sensitive structure designed to detect the slightest bite

High quality guides

6'3" 1.9m 1 piece slow jig rod

80-230g jig weight

PE#2.0 braided lines

Like all Kilwell branded products this rod has a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.
Reel Features;
Super Hi-Speed 7.3:1 retreive - 89cm per handle turn

7 pcs stainless steel ball bearings ,sealed both sides, with Rust Resistant coating

One piece aluminium frame precision machine cut

One-way clutch

High heat resistant carbon washers give smooth powerful max drag up to 15kg

Forged Spool, anodized to protect from corrosion

6-pin centrifugal brake control system

Micro click adjustable star drag

Adjustable handle length

Loud line out alarm

Quick removable sideplate

High strength brass alloy main gear

Titanium coated line guide insert

EVA covered aluminum handle knob

Easy-open cover to maintain

Capacity 280m 6kg mono, or 400m PE #2.0
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