Lure Pacific Teaser by Kilwell

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Lure Pacific Teaser by Kilwell
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The Pacific Teaser is a 150mm, metal head tuna lure that runs straight with a short bubble trail, comes pre-rigged with a double hook and mono-filament trace. 
Deadly on skip-jack, albacore tuna, king-fish and kahawai.  Run in close for best results.
Colours Available: 
  • Black/Purple; black over-skirt with black/purple feather
  • Blue/White; blue over-skirt with black/white feather
  • Green/Yellow; green over-skirt with green/yellow feather
  • Pink/White; pink over-skirt with pink/white feather
  • Xmas Tree; silver overskirt with xmas tinsel
All Kilwell Pacific lures have the Kilwell Lifetime Guarantee
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