Maria Duck Dive Surface Lure

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Ocean Angler Maria Duck Dive Surface Lure
Length: 230mm
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Note** Hooks and splitrings are not included.
Maria Duckdive F230 is a Kingfish casting dedicated slim popper to attract Kingfish that are not active and responding to diving pencils (Stickbait) 
These days the popular fishing style for Kingfish is that the anglers use a pencil bait with a little sensitive tip rod.
Duckdive has a slim shape and has a small caliber cup so that the angler can operate it without changing tackle balance. 
Although we tested it from a boat during development, you can use it land based too.  
When making the rod action, the posture of Duckdive will keep nearly level due to the weight moving system. 
As soon as we make a rod action, the small cup receives the water pressure and generates attractive bubbles. 
In addition to making bubbles, the moving distance is suppressed due to the water resistance.
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