Micro Jig 20g Value Pack

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Catch Micro Jig 20g Value Pack
Code: 161293
Qty: 1 Pack
Catch Micro Jig Features:
  • Light weight maximizing time in the water, increasing your chances of catching more fish
  • Great for both shallow and deep water fishing when it’s a tough bite
  • Irresistible fluttering fall action
  • that stimulates aggressive bites
  • Uses the same light weight fishing tackle as you would for soft baiting
  • Lightweight high-strength assist hook and braid
Value Pack Contains:
  • 5x Catch 20g Micro Jigs
  • 1x Catch 28g L'll Squid
  • 1x 270 x 175mm Tackle Box
***Please note colours and types of micro jigs may vary from what is shown in the photo***
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