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The Weasel Micro Jig is just about symmetrical, it goes down quite fast but not in big round circles.  When twitching the rod it darts around in a twitchy style action. The upward twitching attracts the snapper and as you let it fall and rest on the bottom then the snapper move in. Luminous and/or ultraviolet-reflective coatings to increase lure visibility deep down. High-quality Japanese assist cord. A hand-whipped assist rig armed with twin Owner hooks.

Colours Available:

  • Bruised Banana
  • Green Pink
  • Pink Lumo
  • Orange

Weights Available: 

  • 25g
  • 40g
  • 60g


  • Quality sharp hooks
  • Tough split rings
  • UV reflective more visible to fish
  • Proven shape that trigger bites
  • Tested aboard charter boats, THEY WORK!


How to Use:
Although Weasels can be cast and retrieved, either up near the surface at a decent clip or allowed to flutter down and then be jiggled back along the seafloor, they work best when yo-yoed on the drift. To get increased time jigging them at their most effective angle - as vertically as possible beneath the boat - lob them up ahead of the boat’s drift direction, then allow them to sink to the bottom, staying alert for any mid-water line jiggles or slackening's that indicate bites. Once on the bottom, simply lift/jiggle the lure upwards so it can flutter back down. Repeat and repeat again until you hook-up or the angle on the line becomes too horizontal (i.e. 45-degrees max.). Redeploy. Deadly. That’s why so many anglers love using them.

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