Outriggers Kilwell NZ 3.6m 2pc Bent Base Telescopic

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Kilwell NZ Outriggers, 3.6m (12ft) 2pc Bent Base Telescopic (pr)
Qty: 1 Pair
Code: KBBO1202T
Designed primarily for small boats these outriggers are much stiffer than previous small boat riggers and will resist fold back when towing larger lures. With the Bent Butt style bases there is
no fitting required, as they are designed to fit straight into your existing rod holders or preferably a rocket launcher, as the higher you can mount these, the better they will work. 
These outriggers come supplied fully-rigged with hoisting cord, AFTCO Goldfinger release clips and are ready to use. 
Stiff action

Measures 3.6m (12ft)


With outrigger release clips

Fitted with stainless bent butt fittings

No extra fitting needed

Sold as a pair

Broken down to 2 pieces = 2.0mtrs 
Like all Kilwell Branded products these have a Kilwell Lifetime Warranty. 
Proudly New Zealand made.
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