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Pixel Tungsten Micro Jig by Ocean Angler 35g (4 Colours Available)

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Code: PIX 35

Colours available:

Blue Kohi

Jack Mac


White Bait

3 Weights available: 21g, 28g and 35g.

Our tungsten-made Fleas kicked off the micro-jig trend and just get more popular, so we’ve introduced another range made of tungsten called Pixels!

Tungsten is 1.7 times heavier than pure lead so Pixels plummet to the bottom, their descent made more erratic due to an asymmetrical form that borrows from the slow-pitch shape.

Pixels have such a lifelike finish nothing can resist them, large or small, in a wide variety of popular species, including snapper, kahawai, trevally, gurnard and kingfish!

On-the-water tips: Be sure to tie the Pixel on by the solid metal ring, not the split ring or the lure’s wire loop. Connecting with a Loop knot or small, strong clip allows the assist rig to rise and fall freely, and be sucked into the mouth of biting fish.

Pixels work superbly in water just 10-20 metres deep, but can also get to the bottom in even deep water around 40-50 metres. However, they may need to be lobbed or cast up ahead of the drift so they can get down earlier and then be lifted and dropped in a reasonably vertical rather than horizontal angle, which gets the best action from them.

Small baitfish don’t flash off at high speed. Instead, they dart around with small jerky movements, so attempt to imitate this action with your rod. Try jiggling upwards with a light-tipped soft-bait rod or slow-jig rod, then dropping back down. Or slowly lifting and winding mechanical-jigging style for a few metres. Or a mix of both.

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