Pro Hunter Kingfish Snapper Slow Jig Wobbler Hunter Lure Pack

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Wobbler Hunter Slow Jig Pack
Qty: 1x Pro hunter kingfish/snapper slow jig lure kit.
1x Blue Wobbler Hunter Jig 120g
1x Purple Wobbler Hunter Jig 100g
1x Green Wobbler Hunter Jig 80g
Amazing versatility even in deep waters.
This set comes with 1x 80, 1x 100 and 1x 120g jigs which are ideal for all deep water applications up to 200 feet. 
You can troll, cast or jig them.
Pro Hunter Slow Jig Set Features:
Up to 200 feet water depth

3-piece set

Hooks Rigged

Can be trolled, cast or jigged for bottom applications

Jig weight: 80, 100 and 120g
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