Pro Hunter Kingfish Vertical Jig Lure Kit

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Pro Hunter Kingfish vertical jig lure kit
Qty:1 Pack of 3 lures.
Light Green Salt Dancer 100g
Blue Salt Dacer 150g
Green Salt Dancer 200g
The Pro Hunter Long Kingi Jig will attract predators to your line. This jig features an improved shape and design for a livelier action and vibration that fills fish with an irresistible urge to
You have to see and feel it to believe it!
Pro Hunter Long Kingi Jig Set 3pc 100-150-200g Features:
*Centre-balanced weighted jig
*Improved shape
*Innovative design
*High-quality and long lasting construction
*Produces incredible action and vibration
*3 piece set: 100g, 150g and 200g
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