Running Rig (Anchor Pulley) by Viking

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Adjustable Multi Fit Kayak Running Rig (Anchor Pulley). Will fit any kayak.
Made with Stainless Steel fittings and using Spectra Cord (a non-stretch cord).
This is a must for the serious kayak fisherman. 
A Running Rig is used in conjunction with an anchor or Drift Chute (Drogue) and can be set off the front or rear of the kayak simply by pulling the cord through the pulleys.
This comes standard with saddles and screws to fit the brass inserts that may be moulded into your kayak. If your kayak doesn't have inserts fitted, ask for "well nuts" to be supplied. Well nuts
are self sealing rubber nuts that fit 10mm holes.
How to fit to your kayak:
Attach the pulleys to your kayak using the stainless saddles and screws.

Run the cord end with the loop up through one pulley and down through the other.

Thread the stainless clip through the loop at the end of the cord.

Tension the cord so it runs high along the side of the cockpit and lock in place by tying a series of four half hitch knots.

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