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Takes all the hard work and salt away!
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Salt Guard is specially formulated here in New Zealand to bring you the very best in marine equipment maintenance products.
Salt Guard is an All purpose Engine Flush, Boat, Trailer & marine equipment Salt removal wash 
The Bio-degradable concentrate formula goes a long way and offers the best value for money on the market!
Engine Flush: Inboard & Outboard
Simply add to your engine flush injection kit or flush bucket and run until water runs clear for the best engine flush & salt build up removal results
 Salt removal wash:
  • Add to your hose/pressure sprayer and wash away any salt build up with ease - Suitable on all salt water effected equipment
  • Suitable for all marine equipment including:
  • Jet skis, Boats, Trailers, Fishing equipment, Inboard & Outboard Engines
  • Easy Spray & Leave streak free formulation
  • Leaves a protective coating to fight corrosion and leave your equipment pristine between use
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