Sea Anchor Handbrake Drogue by Ocean Angler

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The new Ocean Angler Handbrake Drogue Sea Anchor has a huge stopping power with new features and upgrades from the previous model. A high-quality drift fishing chute with huge stopping power. This parachute style drogue has a more stopping power than funnel type anchors. The Handbrake doesn't only stop your boat, it's also designed to attract fish. The sewn on reflective bait fish flash down deep into the ocean drawing fish into the fishing zone.

This set now includes the Ocean Angler Anchor Damper that makes a big difference to your drift speed. It stops jarring and chute collapse and makes your fishing chute more efficient and stable.

Sea Anchor Handbrake Drogue by Ocean Angler with Free Damper

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Sizes Available:

  • Small Code: Handbrake 5ft 
  • Medium Code: Handbrake 7ft
  • Large Code: Handbrake 12ft


  • Made from tough, heavy-duty, hard wearing material
  • Strong, long-lasting parachute cords; a small float stops the chute spinning
  • Thick, soft rope is provided for attaching the boat and to collapse the chute for effortless retrieval
  • Complete sea anchor system packs down into a durable bag
  • Parachute style drogue
  • More stopping power than funnel type anchors
  • High-visibility canvas type fabric
  • Sewn on reflective bait fish flash down deep in to the ocean to attract fish
  • Storage bag included

Recommended anchor lengths:

  • 5ft:   4.5-6m boats
  • 7ft:   6-9m boats
  • 12ft: 9-12m boats (Circumference of boat end opening 7m, circumference bottom end .66m, length approx. 1.85m.)

On-the-water tips: 

It's recommended that small boat owners attach the Handbrake to the bow, so the vessel faces into the swell, avoiding waves potentially coming over the side or stern. The chute collapse cord can be attached further back on the boat within easy reach, but must not be under any tension or the chute will not fully inflate. The Handbrake can be connected to larger boats further back along the cockpit side or from a stern corner, conditions permitting. In all cases follow the instructions regarding the Anchor Damper included; it’s built to absorb sudden pressure, but incorrect rigging can lead to breakage.

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