Sea Havester Electric Knife Sharpener

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Sea Harvester Electric Knife Sharpener 
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The Sea Harvester Electric Knife Sharpener is the simple, quick & effective way to sharpen your knives. There is no skill needed to do this as its electric, it does it all for you. 
The perfect way to get more use out of dull knives, by using a 2 stage sharpening system that gives you professional results. The precise angles built in means you only have to hold it there & it does all the work. 
  • 2 Stage Sharpening System Coarse and fine honing grinding wheels, for a Professional Result
  • Suitable for first time sharpening or regular knife maintenance
  • Precision guides automatically holds your knife at the ideal sharpening angle, (maintains 15° perfect angle)
  • Fast, Easy, way to sharpen a broad range of Straight-Blade Knives. Just draw the knife through each slot a few times
  • Ideal for all Straight bladed chopping, carving, filleting, fishing, chef and kitchen knives (not suitable for sashimi or serrated knives)
  • Will sharpen Metal Alloy, Carbon, and Stainless Steel Blades
  • Well positioned On / Off Toggle Switch
  • 50Hz 10amp 20watt 230volt electric motor
  • Measurements: 205mm long x 110mm high x 145mm deep
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