Surfcasting Floating Pulley Rigs x6 Rigs

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6x Surf Rigs (2 in each pack, 3 packs)
Mutsu 6/0 Hooks
Excellent top quality surf/rocks rig that target snapper
Hooks float up, away from crabs & snags on rocks
How a Pulley Rig Works
Pulley rigs are designed to minimise lost fish when fishing over rough ground. After the fish has been hooked the weight of the fish puts downwards pressure on the rig during the retrieve which
causes the sinker to slide upwards – off the bottom, reducing the chances of it becoming snagged. The pulley rig is also clipped down providing additional distance to casts and the shield
protects the bait on impact
Off the beach they make crabs swim & very hard for them to bite the bait
Off the rocks they save snags & hook up's on rocks saving gear
Add bait!
We have other surf rigs too!
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