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Tag Pole - 1.6 Metre - by Nacsan
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Safely tag and release your big catch.
The Nacsan Tag Pole ensures the safe and humane tagging and releasing of large fish. 
Its tough alloy construction is strong yet lightweight - enough to handle large fish without taking a toll on the muscles. 
The tag pole features adjustable end fittings so you can easily retract the tag applicator spike for safe storage. 
The Nacsan Tag Pole is proudly NZ-made and comply with IGFA regulation standards. 
Nacsan Tag Pole Features:
  • Length: 1.6 Metre
  • Stainless steel applicator 
  • Alloy handle 
  • Meets IGFA regulation standards 
  • NZ Made
  • 2 Year Warranty
Other Sizes Available:
  • 1.0m 1 Pce
  • 2m Telescopic  
  • 2.3m Telescopic
  • 3.2m Telescopic
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