The Boss by Catch

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The Boss Slow Pitch Jig by Catch
***To see The Boss in action please watch the video above***
Qty: 1
Sizes available:

  • 80g 
  • 100g
  • 150g
Colours available:
  • Ballistic Blue
  • Orange Assassin
  • Shady Lady
  • White Warrior
Irresistible to snapper, kingfish and most fish species.

This state of the art jig can be used as a slow pitch lure as well as for several other techniques.

The edges of the lure create its unique swimming and vibrating action that triggers an attack response in predatory fish species.

Bright holographic colours on one side with contrast design on the other draws attention to the lure from a distance.

Prerigged with 3/0 stainless steel jigging hook and heavy duty Kevlar assist cord.

Available in 3 weights, 80g, 100g, and 150g see our other listings

How to Use:
1. Tie leader to solid ring of assist rig.
2. Drop to sea floor.
3. Use a variety of slow and fast rod lifts and reel winds.
This lure needs to be active in the water to stimulate bite.
The Boss is extensively tested and used by fishing professionals.
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