Tica Flash Surf 7RRB+1RB Long Cast Surf Reel by Kilwell NZ

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Tica Flash Surf 7RRB+1RB Long Cast Surf Reel by Kilwell NZ
Code: TICFS10000
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Carbon is used for the frame, rotor, and handle, to keep the weight down but also to keep the frame rigid and strong.
The 5.2:1 gear train runs fast and smooth on 7 RRB ball bearings, giving a line retrieval rate of 114cm per handle turn. 
Fitted with a long shaft and long cast spool and a slow oscillation lets line wind perfectly back onto the spool with no line overlap, resulting in perfect long casts. 
The spool also has a stainless line keeper button which can be used as a casting memory device.
There is an extra drag knob with this reel. The quick-set drag features an integrated preset control which effectively gives you a similar concept to a baitfeeder reel, and is perfect for
The main drag has max drag of 12kg.
Reel Specs;
7 sealed precision stainless steel Rust Resistant Ball bearings (RRB)

Anti-twist line roller with bearing

Forged aluminium spool

Computer balanced rotor

One-way instant anti-reverse roller bearing

Worm shaft oscillating system

Click alert for a light strike

Long shaft for better line winding

Right/ left interchangeable handle

Soft-touch handle knob

Solid aluminium bail wire

Quick-set drag system

Smooth powerful carbon drag washers

Slow oscillation improves line lay on spool with a slower up and down stroke, reduces friction when line flows out for a longer distance casting.

Weight; 535g

5.2:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 114cm line per handle turn.

Max drag 12kg

Capacity 285/25lb, 310m/0.30mm

Tica 10 year warranty
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